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Sales Hero Saves You Hours of Failed Sales Calls And Puts More Money In Your Pocket

Are you and your team wearing too many hats?

Working hard, but not smart?

Asking staff or yourself to take on tasks which is not a passion or of real interest?

Well, lucky you're here then because Sales Hero was born to support businesses just like yours.

Let our team of Sales professionals make the calls you hate to make.

We will blend into your business operations like a chameleon.

Watch your revenue soar as we hit phones to increase your revenue!

For a limited time, we are...

Offering a $1000 of FREE SALES to businesses who book a call with us.

We guarantee a x2 - x5 ROI or WE WORK FOR FREE!

Sales Hero is the ‘go-to’ solution for businesses that require a ‘Performance boost’.

We are consultancy professionals who love the work that others hate.

With Sales Hero, businesses can finally focus on what they actually enjoy doing while we handle their performance needs.

Our extensive industry experience allows us to know your clients intimately.

This translates to us being able to meet their needs and in turn, increase your conversions.

Get $1000 of Free Sales Now!

The Typical Performance Problems in Business

Sell or Hell?

You’ve replaced the ‘S’ in Sell with a ‘H’, with how you are feeling about this work.

In fact, you might even have staff turnover if you keep asking your staff to do this work.

You don't own the business. Your business owns you.

You’re meant to be managing the business, but the business is running you.

The limited time you have are poor call windows to properly engage with your prospects.

Conversions rate are lower than it should be

Your precious leads are slipping through your fingers and you know you should be doing something about it.

What you’ve been trying to do is not working.

Competition is fierce!

There’s a new competitor in town who is taking all you’ve worked for.

You’re stressed personally and professionally.

Are you going roll over or put up a fight?


Our proven sales formula are designed to help you grow a profitable business.
We've helped over 150 businesses in 4 countries grow a profitable business.

Do you generate leads for us too?

This is not our focus. We are a conversion business. We will generate referrals as a lead source, but no, we are not a digital agency.

What do you need to get started?

Access to your CRM, your existing pricing and business FAQs. We will create a communication channel for you and your chosen team members where we will communicate with you daily and look to celebrate every sale.

How much do you cost?

This varies as we have clients who pay us between $1,000 and $14,000 per/month depending on their lead count and the associated commitment. Most businesses pay about $2,000 per/month.

What should we expect?

Daily communication, increased conversions, more time in your day and less stress!

Do you contact Old Accounts too?

We focus on hot leads, then warm, cold and then go to resuscitation mode of old accounts, only when active lead sources have been exhausted.

Want to Get More Sales?

Our experienced sales team will help your business thrive.

Get $1000 of Free Sales Now!

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Offering a $1000 of FREE SALES REVENUE to studios who book a call now!

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